Wolverine, as we know him,​ will never be in the MCU.

If I see one more article or post about how Hugh Jackman’s wolverine is joining the MCU, I’m going to hit something.

I am of course, referencing the sale of Fox Studios to Disney. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great thing for Marvel fans, allowing for the first time, all of Marvel’s characters to be at the disposal of Kevin Feige and Marvel Studio’s. But I’ve seen way to many articles reporting the return of Hugh Jackman, or how the upcoming X-Men films will connect to the MCU.

Well, I’m here to set the record straight!But before I get started, I’ll say this will be one of The 2/5’s more negative posts so just watch out!

Let’s begin!

This isn’t just about Wolverine, the X-men movie universe as we know it is now over. They will release the movies currently in production and then that will be it……done…..over.

Here’s why:

Hugh Jackman is done. He has said so himself multiple times. I keep seeing things about how He’s reconsidered now Disney owns it, or he’s changed his mind for some other reason. This is not true. He’s done.

Nextly (yes I said nextly…..it’s a word to me), Kevin Feige barely let’s the TV side of the MCU play in the playground. Do you really think he would approve of the mess that is the X-Men universe to come play with his carefully crafted, details perfectly placed, hand selected film universe?

No….he won’t.

They will recast every character, make their own films with their own stories and they will use nothing from the current and past slate of films.

If I end up being wrong then I give everyone permission to throw this back in my face, but having followed these films for the past decade, watching interviews with producers and just watching how this all comes together in general, and can guarantee this is how this merger plays out.

Now before you think I just hate on the X-Men, let me clarify by saying I’m a big fan. They are great characters, with great stories. The films are for the most part great with the exception of a few. But none of this changes this simple truth: The X-Men films as we know them are over.

Avengers Assemble!

Brenden Pugh